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Permanent Way Design Engineer

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The engineer Marino Cinquepalmi in 2006 got the five-year degree in "Civil Engineering, Transport Address, Constructive Guidance" at the Polytechnic of Bari with the thesis in " Technique of road works, rail and airport" entitled "Design and optimization of railway ' organization of building sites".

In 2007 he passed the exam for state license to practice as an engineer, getting the registration with the Engineers of the Province of Bari with the No. 8438.
In 2007 got brilliantly the title of University Master 's Degree in "Transport and logistics systems, networks, and mobile information" at Polytechnic of Turin with a thesis entitled "Estimation of O/D matrix European tourism by coach" within the project "IVECO Top Assistance Service Bus", held at the Centre for Studies on Transportation Systems spa of Turin.

Since 2009 he specialized in the permanent way design developing the following projects on behalf major Italian companies of railway construction and design companies.

Since 2014 he also further assumed the role of Project Manager for many projects, achieving in 2015 the certificate ISIPM-Base issued by “Italian Institute of Project Management”.

In 2017 he achieves the certificate ISIPM-Advanced issued by “Italian Institute of Project Management” and the AICQ SICEV - ACCREDIA Project Manager certificate UNI 11648.


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Tools used for Permanent way design (compatible with Bentley Rail Track):

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